Greetings warriors,
The Winds Of War Start To Smell Of Battle,
Greetings Clan Warriors and Clan Warrior hopefulls. If this is your first visit to our realm welcome. The Realm is growing so here is an update for you!
1. We have gotten a huge boost in hits from our new club 28.8 banner on the Kali web site.
2. We now have a full 11 clans (BUT THERE IS PLENTY ROOM FOR MORE)
3. We now have Irc server! ( and then join #club288
4. We have plans to yet agian expand Club 28.8 ---
5. Comments section! Feed back section we want to hear from you!
6. CLAN PAK! to help you bluid your own club 28.8 clan!
goto start a clan or! CLICK ME
-Games section-- List of games you can play online!
Thank you for all your support!,
Lord Of The Realm