Welcome to the Clan Wars,
  These; are the Realm Rules please read all the way through, so you may better understand how the club 28.8 system works. Thank you and read on Warrior.
The First step to become a part of club 28.8 is to read these Realm rules.

The Second step is to become a Club 28.8 member this is a free service and will never be charged for. All you have to do is give a Nickname that you would like to go by, and your email address. This will enable us to contact you through our mailing list. (This is not a viable address except to the Realm Leaders) so you wont get a bunch of trash mail.

Once you have become a member of Club 28.8 you are then ready to join a clan of club 28.8, you will do this by going to clan and current clans. Check out the different clans by clicking on their logo. IF you find one which you would like to be a part of. Then send the Clan leader Email and he will send you back what it takes to be in his or her clan.

Can't find a Clan that look like your style. Well one of the best things about Club 28.8 is that once again for free you can create you own clan. It is quiet simple, most Internet accounts today come with some personal web space. You can use this space to create what is a Clan Hall. If your account did not come with web space you can still get a clan going by getting some free web space from a company like geocities. Then create a clan hall. (Clan web page) all this page has to (of course you can add anything you like) have is your email you clan name and the rules of you clan. Then just send us a logo for your clan! This logo must one inch high and two inch wide. Once again this is all free. Also refer to rules of clan leading below.

Once you are in a Clan. You will be able to do battle. According to the rules of your clan. Some clans have a test section where you must first prove yourself worthy. Some clans have a ranking system where you can. Some clans the Clan leader makes all the decisions on when and where clan's wars will be fought. Some allow clan warriors to challenge clan you must get clear on how your clan works and what rights you have.

The reason we designed it this way is because we wanted the clans to be realistic. Some rulers are very power hungry and some are very free. If you do not like the way your clan runs then you can always at any time join a new clan or start your own, just let your former clan leader know that you are quitting their clan

If you have no interest in starting your own clan then click on the join or join now button in your nav frame and sign up now!

The clan leader rules are brief. You can do basically anything in your own clan. You decide how you members will play and who can challenge. YOU MUST REPORT ALL SCORE BOOTH WINS AND LOOSES. In this format in email:
Clan NAME:
Total Wins:
Total Losses:
1. win vs. Barney clan. Hot head Clan 1 (Game)
2. And soon on.

We will then post it in the database, which will adjust your rank accordingly.
Thank you again,
The Lords of the Realm.