Greetings Warrior,
Welcome to the Clan Wars,

We run a full service clan system. We are always trying to keep up with the lastest Battle fields (Video Games that can be play online). This lands are rich with the spoils of war!
We support any game in what we call a Clan War...
Clan Wars: can be any game that the two clans agree on. Wither you want to play Duke nuke em, or online chess. If you want to play Mortal Kombat to Warcraft II you can with this system and it will count. We also throw touraments, in a certain game. You will combat for title and prizes. Becuase we are just starting we can not give great prizes at this time, but as we grow larger and more powerfull we shall bring out greater treasure.
To play you must first become a club 28.8 member---
Click on the Join button right NOW!

After you have joined Club 28.8 Two ways to join the action------
1. Join one of the Clans in the current clans.
2. Start your own Clan. See more info in the Start a clan page!

Ways to Battle----
This depends on the Clan you joined. If you are a clan leader you can challenge a clan to a battle. If you are a clan warrior you may only challenge if your clan leader has given you premission to do so!
Proper respect will be given to Clan Leaders and the Realm Leaders. The Clan Lords can contact the Realm lords and state their case to us, if we feel he is in the right action will be taken. The Realm Leaders (The Realm Lords). Have the power to kick anyone on the system. Includeing an entire clan.
If you are a good warrior or Clan Warrior or Leader you maybe asked to join the Realm Leaders.